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We are the Great British portfolio for Craft, Design and Product

Great British portfolio for Craft, Design and Product

Design-Nation is the great UK-based portfolio for Craft, Design and Product and offers a one-stop destination for retailers, manufacturers and press together with industry professionals who want to commission, invest and source great design.

Design-Nation is positioned as a premier level of membership network for designer-makers in the UK, with both a national and international profile and activity programme.

Membership is selected by peers and industry professionals and is open to all practicers of Craft, Product and Design from across the United Kingdom. Once selected through a twice-yearly open selection submission process,  Members have access to benefits, subsidised exhibition opportunities and group networking within Design-Nation and with our partners.

Our members benefit from new opportunities, whilst we continue to seek new projects and actively grow the UK’s creative community. We working with a diverse and exciting range of partners, including The National Centre for Craft & Design.

In 2018 we also introduced a new entry level of membership for recent Graduates, open to anyone who has graduated from a relevant university course in the UK in the last three years. Contact us to find out more.

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