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Future thinking for design and craft.

Future thinking for design and craft.

Future thinking for design and craft.

Design-Nation is the great UK-based portfolio for Craft, Design and Product and offers a one-stop destination for retailers, manufacturers and press together with industry professionals who want to commission, invest and source great design.

Design-Nation is a membership network and portfolio that comprises a rich and diverse pool of highly skilled designers and makers including some of the most acclaimed and innovative designers and craftspeople in the UK.

With a national and international profile, activity programme and bespoke package of support and opportunities, Design-Nation is committed to developing creative talent at every stage of career – be it graduate, emerging or established practice.

In collaboration with partners, champions and investors, Design-Nation’s aim is to strengthen business and creative development opportunities for the contemporary design and craft sector.

Membership to our network is independently selected by a panel of Design-Nation staff, members and ambassadors. Selection takes place twice yearly in February and August, and application is by email.

You can download our membership information pack below. Or fill in the Join Us form and we’ll be in touch with more information shortly.

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